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Four: A Highly Recommended Book about Loanwords in Japanese

8 May


I really recommend this book as an essential read for anyone interested in the linguistic phenomenon of borrowing arising from language contact. The particular focus is on loanwords that have come into the Japanese language, with an analysis of the historical, phonological, morphological, semantic and orthographic processes involved as the words are incorporated and integrated into Japanese. The book ends with a chapter overviewing attitudes towards the loanwords as they exist in Japanese society and culture. It is a thoroughly interesting and intricately researched book which not only gives in-depth data about various linguistic aspects of loanword integration, but also provides a useful literature review of previous studies existing in both English and Japanese  bodies of literature.

The one, fairly major, drawback is the steep price of the book if it is intended for personal use.

Here is a link to the details on the site:

Mark Irwin. Loanwords in Japanese (Amazon jp)