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Six: Classroom Teaching Idea using Loanwords

20 Sep

I have just recently had an article published in “The Language Teacher” journal, published by JALT, in the MyShare teaching ideas section. The article outlines how to use English loanwords found in the Japanese linguistic landscape as a teaching resource in the classroom. The activity involves students photographing the loanwords they find and uploading them to a class Flickr site for later use in the classroom. I have done this activity in many of my classes and it always leads to interesting results and helps the students to become a little more aware of the English which surrounds them in Japan.

Here is a link to the website of the journal:


Five: JALTCALL Presentation References

1 Jun

Here is the “Further Reading’ slide from my JALTCALL presentation (June 3rd 2012) about:

A Digital Photography Exploration of English Inscriptions in the Japanese Linguistic Landscape.

I highly recommend making these 4 books part of your collection if you are interested in transfer in language learning, with a particular focus on the Japanese context.